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About Alice & Kevin

Despite not coming from a farming background, Alice has always been fascinated by animals for as long as she can remember. For over a decade, Alice has worked with an interesting variety of animals including owls, reindeer, goats, horses, livestock and alpacas! As well as managing their Glamping business and Fostings Alpacas, Alice works as a virtual Project Manager, helping coaches around the globe streamline and develop their businesses. 

As a 6th generation farmer, Kevin has farming in his blood. He farms with his dad and brother, harvesting crops and caring for their livestock. During the rest of the year, Kevin can be found running his own agricultural contracting business or repairing and maintaining the farm’s machinery. 

We were purposefully introduced over a chilli con carne one evening by a mutual friend who knew we were both passionate about living and breathing the countryside. Despite neither of us actually liking chilli con carne, we hit it off! After 3 years together, Alice moved in with Kevin and his parents to live at the farm and we haven't looked back.  

About Fostings Farm

Fostings is a 90-acre, family-run working farm, sat upon the Radnor Valley in Kinnerton, near Presteigne in Mid Wales. Elevated at 1,300ft above sea level, it offers incredible views of the valley below and the surrounding Black Mountains, Hergest Ridge, Clee Hill and the Brecon Beacons. 

Kevin's parents purchased the land at Fostings in 1997 to run alongside their existing farm about 1.5 miles down the road. 

About Fostings Alpacas

With traditional farming becoming harder each passing year and changes in consumer demand creating additional pressure, it was evident that diversification was needed as the farm was unable to support the family...

So, we looked for animals that could be kept in much lesser stocking levels (allowing a high standard of welfare and not requiring as much land so we didn't take away sheep grazing) but still bring in comparative income to the sheep. Que alpacas! Alice had already worked with alpacas and persuaded Kevin to attend an alpaca husbandry course at Amazing Alpacas in Monmouth... Having both fallen in love with alpacas, we made the decision to start our own herd! 

We purchased our first group of 4 alpacas in summer 2018 from a local breeder thanks to a recommendation from one of our friends who saw the ad online. 

We have been so busy since then, growing our herd size by welcoming Cria each year, purchasing additional breeding females and selecting stud males for the breeding programme as well as establishing stud services and creating plans for the future of the herd so it will be a sustainable business model. 

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