About Fostings and its Alpacas 

Family run working farm, Fostings is 90 acres of pasture sat at the top of Radnor Valley in Mid Wales. Traditionally hill grazing for sheep, the farm had not welcomed Alpacas to its pasture until Summer of 2018 when Kevin and Alice decided it was time to diversify... 


As a 5th Generation farmer, Kevin has farmed with his Dad and Brother since leaving school. During the quieter times on the farm, he can be found either running his agricultural contracting business or repairing and maintaining the farm's machinery.

Not from a farming background but with a love for being outdoors, Alice for the past 12 years has been working with a variety of animals including owls, goats, reptiles, horses, livestock and dogs. 

Facing ever-changing attitudes towards traditional farming, it was clear to us that a decision was needed to bring a more certain future for the farm. Having both fallen in love with Alpacas and their leggy physique, we thought why not keep Alpacas! It has to be said that not everyone could quite understand our thinking and we certainly got a few odd looks from neighbouring farmers and locals! 

Alongside keeping Alpacas, we have taken diversification further with our other venture 
Hush hush Glamping, offering farm stays in a beautifully crafted Pod overlooking stunning views across the Radnor Valley. 

We hope that these ventures will see the farm strong for its near and distant future and generations to come as this piece of paradise in the Welsh hills very much deserves to be loved and looked after.