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Alpaca Husbandry Services

Handling alpacas and carrying out husbandry tasks can sometimes be difficult, whether it is because you have some bouncy alpacas, are recovering from injury, are on your own, don't have the time or perhaps just don't feel confident in doing it yourself. That's where we come in, to support you and your alpacas. 

Health Package (husbandry services)
What's covered

Alpaca husbandry services can cover any of the following: 

  • Choice of single handler or team of two

  • Supply digital scales & weigh each alpaca to enable accurate medication dosing and health monitoring 

  • Body scoring and recommendations for feed changes, if needed 

  • Toe nail trimming and checking feet

  • Vitamin supplement administration

  • General health check

  • Halter training 

  • Handling, catching & safely restraining your alpacas for a routine or emergency veterinary visit 

  • Assistance at shearing

  • Halter training cria

  • Assistance with alpaca matings  

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Single handler

(ideal if you just need an extra pair of hands to get jobs done)

£30 for first hour and £20 p/hour thereafter

Team of two handlers

(ideal if you are unable to assist with restraint and/or for particularly lively alpacas)

£40 for first hour and £30 p/hour thereafter

Minimum Charge

A 1 hour minimum charge applies to any visit


Mileage charged at 23pence + VAT per mile

Bespoke Service & Pricing

We can offer bespoke services and pricing for your herd needs, if required, just get in touch below to enquire


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Meet the team

Alice & Kevin have been keeping alpacas at Fostings Alpacas for half a decade and Alice worked with alpacas for a further 5 years prior that, so are experienced in alpaca handling and care. They are passionate about all things alpaca and want to help other keepers ensure their alpacas are happy and healthy. Read more about Alice & Kevin here

What area is covered?

Husbandry Services are offered within a 35 mile radius of Fostings Farm (LD8 2PF)

However, we may venture further afield for herd sizes of 5+, so it's worth getting in touch!

Husbandry Services Terms & Conditions
  1. This service is NOT a substitution for veterinary intervention and/or treatment. For emergency situations, you should always call your vet. If you feel it would also be helpful to have us around to help you handle and restrain your alpacas during a veterinary call out, please do call us AFTER you have called the vet. 

  2. These services are for alpacas, but can also be adapted for goats! 

  3. We reserve the right to refuse our services at any time if we feel unsafe and/or we believe the animal(s) need the attention of a veterinary professional. 

  4. Mileage is charged at 23 pence + VAT per mile, both ways from Fostings Alpacas to the address being visited, as according to Google Maps. 

  5. Payment is due within 7 days of invoice, which is generated after the visit. 

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