Stud Services Terms & Conditions


General Terms 

By requesting the services of Fostings Alpacas, you agree to the Terms and Conditions as stated below. We may update these Terms and Conditions from time to time. It is the responsibility of the client to check this page as necessary to ensure you are happy with any changes or updates.

Our studs are proven. However, we cannot guarantee the pregnancy of the client's alpacas. When booking our stud services, the client is committed to the service and the fees payable regardless of the pregnancy outcome. 


An invoice will be generated following each service and is due upon receipt. Remaining services may be refused in the event of late or non-payment. 

As the client, it is your responsibility to catch and enclose your alpacas prior to our arrival in a clean area (ideally a hard-standing area that has been disinfected or an area of clean, level grass that is not grazed by alpacas or other livestock).  

The client must ensure their alpacas are clean and in good condition. We reserve the right to decline services if the female is in poor health or over-fleeced, or if the area is deemed unsuitable or unhygienic. 


We affirm that our alpacas are not under veterinary investigation for TB or any other transmittable diseases. By requesting and receiving our services, the client's alpacas must not be under veterinary investigation either. 

Mating Service

A minimum of two females per visit applies. The mating service price applies per female and is payable regardless of the pregnancy outcome. 

Follow Up Spit-Off Service 

If desired, we can bring the stud(s) back for spit-off testing after two or four weeks. Transportation fees apply. 

A spit-off four weeks after the initial mating would normally indicate pregnancy. However, it is recommended that the client arranges a veterinary ultrasound examination (usually 2 months after the last mating) to ensure pregnancy. Determination of pregnancy is the responsibility of the client. 


If a female sits during a spit-off, she can be re-mated a further two times as part of the original mating fee. Transportation fees apply. If the female in question is not pregnant after the third successful mating, an additional fee may be added for subsequent visits, and the female may need to be checked by a vet. 


We will travel up to 35 miles for the above services. Transportation for these services is charged at a rate of 60p per mile both ways. If you have a larger group of alpacas that require our services, more than one trip may be required – we will agree transportation fees in advance. 

Arranging Services

If you are interested in our stud services, please get in touch on our contact page