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Useful Links

Below are some links you may be helpful to you in your alpaca journey or just prove interesting! 


Useful Websites

The British Alpaca Society

Camelid Veterinary Services

Body Scoring Video

HerdMaster (Herd Record Management) 

Alpaca Products 

Homestead Farm Supplies



Heygate feed

Carrs Billington feed

GWF Nutrition feeds, including Camelibra

Kington Farm Supplies

Friends of Fostings Alpacas 

Hush ​Hush Glamping

Alpacas in Wales

We are are proud to be part of Alpacas in Wales, a group of alpaca enthusiast breeders, who aim to promote the ownership, welfare and enjoyment of these fabulous animals. Brought together by experienced and established breeders, Amazing Alpacas, the group consists of Associate Breeders:


Amazing Alpacas

Encore Alpacas

Welsh Alpaca Stud

Quillies Gift Shop