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Why Keep Alpacas? 

Keeping alpacas is a wonderful and rewarding experience. Their calm and inquisitive nature makes them great companions to spend your time with. Just like humans, alpacas have a variety of personalities – whether cheeky, bold or loving, alpacas can help to reduce stress, bringing you happiness and joy. 

At Fostings, we decided to keep alpacas as Alice has been fascinated by llamas and alpacas since her school years. She worked with a small group of alpacas over several years, and discovered first-hand how humans could build strong relationships with these caring creatures. We wished to dedicate more time to individual animals rather than traditional farming, and so looked to alpacas. 

Further Knowledge

If you are interested in keeping alpacas and want to learn more about husbandry practices, Fostings Alpacas offers an Alpaca Husbandry Course.