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How To Look After Alpacas E-Guide

If you are thinking of keeping, or are new to keeping, alpacas and would like to broaden your knowledge at a pace that suits you, this E-Guide is for you! Packed full of information, this E-Guide covers alpaca basics, requirements for keeping alpacas, diet, pasture management, husbandry tasks, disease, parasites, breeding principles and cria care. Keep scrolling for a full contents list!

What is included in the E-Guide?

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Through purchasing this E-Guide, you will learn how to look after alpacas and be confident whether they are the right choice for you. Topics covered include: 

Alpaca 101

  • Terminology 

  • What Are Alpacas & How Many Should I Have?

  • Alpaca Breed Comparison

  • Alpaca Anatomy & Conformation 

  • Are Males Or Females Right For You?

  • Diversification Potential In Alpacas 

  • Cost Of Purchase 

  • Cost Of Keeping Alpacas 

  • Selecting & Purchasing Your Alpacas 

  • An Intro To The British Alpaca Society



  • Basic requirements for keeping alpacas covering land, shelter, transportation, day to day care and social grouping 

Diet, Nutrition & Pasture Management  

  • Diet & Nutrition 

  • Vitamin Supplementation 

  • Pasture Management 

Husbandry Tasks 

  • Herd Kit Contents 

  • Halters & Halter Training 

  • Nail Trimming 

  • Shearing 

  • Teeth 

  • Castration 

  • Body Scoring 

  • Summer Care

  • Record Keeping 

Disease & Parasites 

  • Biosecurity Measures 

  • Bovine Tuberculosis

  • How to Administer Medications & Vaccines

  • How to Reduce Parasites 

  • Coccidiosis 

  • Worming 

  • Liver Fluke 

  • Clostridial Disease 

  • Mites 

Breeding & Cria Care

  • Basic Breeding Principles & Cycle 

  • Style of Breeding Management 

  • Birthing Kit Contents

  • Signs of Birthing 

  • What to expect during and post birth 

  • Basic Cria Care 

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