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Staff & Student Training

If you are a farm park, sanctuary, wildlife centre, zoo, animal studies college or similar based in the UK and have alpacas (or intend to have alpacas) as well as a team of staff that would love to broaden their knowledge on best husbandry practices for alpacas, we might like to collaborate with you!


Training can be provided for your students or staff/volunteers, at your premises, covering a wide range of topics from basic handling and nutrition to breeding management, and can tailor the content to suit your needs.

Fill out the form below to let us know if your business / organisation is interested!

Training can cover the following topics, but also be tailored to suit your individual alpaca and team needs:

  1. Alpaca 101 - terminology, appropriate grouping, selecting alpacas and the British Alpaca Society

  2. Requirements - appropriate land, shelter, fencing and transportation 

  3. Diet & Nutrition - dietary needs, vitamin supplementation and pasture management 

  4. Husbandry Tasks - herd kit contents, halters & halter training, nail trimming, shearing, teeth, castration, body scoring, summer care and record keeping 

  5. Disease & Parasites - biosecurity measures, TB, administering medications, how to reduce parasites, coccidiosis, worming, liver fluke, clostridial disease and mites 

  6. Breeding & Cria Care - breeding principles and cycle, style of management, birthing kit contents, signs of birthing, what to expect during and post birth and basic cria care

  7. Practical Session - put the theory into practice to gain a better understanding of handling, safe restraint, foot trimming, body scoring and medicating 

  8. Open Q&A - Ask anything alpaca related that is still tickling your brain! 

Let us know if you're interested...

Fill in the form below to let us know if your students or team would love to receive training to broaden their knowledge on best husbandry practices for alpacas!

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