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Alpaca Stud Services


We have two handsome BAS registered alpaca sires available for alpaca stud services in mid Wales and just over the English border. We cover a 45 mile radius, including Presteigne, Llandrindod Wells, Kington, Hereford, Brecon and more. Alpaca stud services are available in May and June. 

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Hillend Talisman

'Taz' is a calm, inquisitive stud who won 3rd place in the Huacaya Adult Male Brown Class at 4 years of age in the South Of England Show. 


Sire: Mariah Hill Mambo of Wessex (solid black)

Dam: Hillend Grace (solid mid fawn)

£375 +VAT stud fee p/female

46p +VAT Mileage p/mile, one way


Tilley Napoleon

Tilley Napoleon is a handsome stud who has sired a mix of fancy grey, fawn and brown cria. 

Sire: Horizon Flint (light grey)

Dam: Potters Farm Isabella (light fawn)

£375 +VAT stud fee p/female

46p +VAT Mileage p/mile, one way

How do stud services work?


You catch your alpaca(s) and pen them into a clean area, ready for the studs to arrive


We will bring the stud(s) to you to carry out agreed mating(s) (Each stud can serve 1 female per visit) 


We can revisit for a spit off & re-mate if needed at 14 & 21/28 days after the initial mating


You have a beautiful cria arrive in the following year 

Stud Service Terms & Conditions

By requesting the alpaca stud services of Fostings Alpacas, you agree to the terms and conditions as stated below. We may update these terms and conditions from time to time. It is the responsibility of the client to check this page as necessary to ensure you are happy with any changes or updates.

Mating Service

  • The stud fee is applied per female. 

  • Fostings Alpacas will bring the stud(s) to you to carry out agreed mating(s)

  • Each male can serve one female per visit

  • Fostings Alpacas use proven studs, but cannot guarantee pregnancy of client’s alpacas; when a client books a stud service they are committing to the service and the service fee is payable no matter what the pregnancy outcome

  • As the client, it is your responsibility to catch and enclose your alpacas prior to our arrival in a clean area (ideally a hard-standing area that has been disinfected or an area of clean or level grass that is not grazed by alpacas or other livestock) 

  • The client must ensure their alpacas are clean, short in fleece and in good health

  • Fostings Alpacas reserve the right to decline services if the female is in poor health or over-fleeced, or if the area is deemed unsuitable or unhygienic

Spit Off (Pregnancy Test) Service

Spit offs are carried out at 14 and 21/28 days after mating (mileage fees apply). A successful spit off at this point typically indicates pregnancy. Final pregnancy determination is the client’s responsibility, which is best achieved via a veterinary ultrasound at 6o days after the last mating date. 

Re-Mating Service

If a female sits during a spit off, she may be re-mated a further two times within the original stud fee, subject to mileage fees. If the female is not pregnant after three successful matings, she may need to be checked by a vet for any underlying health issues. 



Mileage will be charged at a rate of 46 pence + VAT per mile, one way, from Fostings Alpacas. 


Stud fee is applied per female. An invoice will be raised and is due prior to the first visit. Non payment will result in refusal of services. When booking our alpaca stud services, the client is committed to the service and the fees payable regardless of the pregnancy outcome. 


We affirm that our alpacas are not under veterinary investigation for TB or any other transmittable diseases. By requesting and receiving our services, the client's alpacas must not be under veterinary investigation either. 

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