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Why keep alpacas? 

Keeping alpacas is a wonderful and rewarding experience. People keep alpacas because their calm and inquisitive nature makes them great companions to spend your time with, they are gentle on the ground which makes them the ideal grazing animal, they have fantastic guarding instincts which comes in handy when protecting other animals and so many more reasons besides!

Check out some of the top reasons people keep alpacas below...

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Learn How To Look After Alpacas

If you wish to embark on the rewarding journey of alpaca keeping, whether as newcomers to the field or prospective owners, and you desire to possess the confidence and knowledge to maintain their optimal health, your search concludes here! Choose from the learning opportunities below, which have been crafted to provide you with a wealth of alpaca husbandry knowledge and understanding. This foundation will ensure a successful and fulfilling alpaca venture.

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